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Smart Security

With the latest technology at your fingertips, you can live just a little bit smarter. TEC Security now offer a range of security solutions that will easily integrate to allow you full control via your smartphone wherever you are in the world.

Fully control your security and home applications from the touch of a button and have full visibility over your home, property or business.

Smart Home Security

Having CCTV cameras installed in your home will always act as a deterrent to the would-be intruder. The right cameras positioned outside your home will provide an additional layer of security keeping your property and family safe. With Smart Security you can access live footage from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. You can also download footage to view it later. With indoor cameras connected, you can even see what your pet gets up to during the day.

Smart Access

Smart Security allows you to see who is at your gate or at your door via your smartphone so you can decide if you want to allow them access to your property. This is more than a video intercom; it is truly interactive. You can speak with them and let them believe you are inside but not available to open the door. Ideal for unwanted visitors or answering the door without leaving the sofa.

Smart Intruder Alarm System

Can’t remember if you locked the door and switched on the alarm before you rushed out this morning? Not a problem, with Smart Security you can switch the alarm on and off wherever you are and access live images of your home at a touch of a button. You can get peace of mind if your alarm is activated, as you can check the live footage to see if there is an issue.

Smart Home

With the abundance of home automation devices, you can now connect these to your Smart Security system. Control not just your security but your lights, thermostat, power sockets, door locks and more. Many customers will start with just home security and then upgrade to a full home automation system when they are ready.

Smart Security for Business

All this technology is designed to make the home smarter but it is also available for business owners. Our Smart Security for Business offers the ability to view and monitor activity both internally and externally from any Wi-Fi enabled location. Allowing you to leave the office with peace of mind while working from home or out on a sales call.

Smart security systems are the future and the TEC app based intruder alarm system is only the start of the journey. Speak with our expert team today to explore the opportunities this technology brings.

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