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Access Control Systems

Access control systems allows the control of movement of people within a building.

This is more than a system that allows staff entry into the building as it can also allow different levels of access throughout the building to selected users. Parameters can be set allowing only certain authorised personnel into server rooms, or exclude access to users from entering certain areas of a building that house sensitive files. Ideal for use to limit access to key staff outside of office hours such as security guards or cleaners. Access can be set individually to suit various levels of access throughout the team.

The use of keypads with codes has been replaced with more sophisticated methods and at TEC Security we offer more robust and sophisticated systems. Proximity readers work with cards or fobs that allow entry when both come into contact. However, we also offer biometric access control which has proven to have many additional features.


Biometric readers allow access via fingerprint. This system is more secure and has many benefits such as monitoring attendance patterns linked to individual users. Unlike cards that can be lost or shared, biometrics allow accurate, reliable and efficient verification that only work with that person.

With our Access Control Systems, entry points can be set to lock at certain times during the day and temporary access can be allowed for contractors and short term visitors. In case of fire, systems will be set to automatically unlock all doors so people can get safely out. It can be integrated with other systems such as fire alarms to allow this. The equipment we use is suitable for Irish weather so will work externally and internally.

Access control is important when movement of personnel needs to be traceable, accountable and security is a priority. Where staff numbers are high, where buildings are shared and where contractors are used regularly this is the option of choice. Perfect for construction sites where health and safety monitoring is a priority.

TEC Security offer the complete service for Access Control. We visit your site and will design a system and install it for you. It is important that the system is easy to use and works consistently otherwise people are reluctant to use it. Our systems work seamlessly with minimal call outs, however, we are always available for support.

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