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Home CCTV – CCTV Home Security at it’s very BEST

Home CCTV by TEC security the experts in the installation of home security CCTV cameras.

Our Home CCTV systems are designed to protect your property, your possessions and more importantly your family.

Having CCTV in your home will give you peace of mind both day and night whether you are at home or away.

TEC Security are PSA licensed and our installation team are experienced, knowledgeable and discreet. We discuss your concerns with you, then we conduct a risk analysis of your property so we can design a system that suits you.

We will position cameras indoors and outdoors in the most suitable positions so that any potential intruder will be firstly deterred from approaching the property. If they do decide to come on the property you can be aware of the activity and call the Gardaí.

You can access live footage from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. You can also download footage to view it later.

Remember, criminals will always be an issue so the more you can do to make your property secure the less likely it will be burgled and the more likelihood of them moving on to somewhere else.

If you are working on a budget, we provide a low cost cctv camera systems for all budgets. provide a large range of security camera systems for both indoor an outdoor use.

Our budget Home CCTV Kits come with, motion sensors, infra night vision, remote surveillance capabilities on mobile phone and pc, and all kits can be custom made according to requirements.

Why not give our home cctv experts a call and get expert advice on how to secure the safety of your home?

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