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  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

    TEC Security supply & install a full range of ANPR Systems including:

    • Intelligent HD ANPR Cameras
    • Multi-lane Capture
    • High Resolution ANPR cameras
    • IP Streaming
    • Vehicle Surveillance
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  • Broad Range of Solutions

    TEC Security supply & install throughout a large range of sectors including:

    • Law Enforcement &
    • Security Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
    • Tolling & Car Park Management
    • Hospitality
    • Bus Lane Enforcement
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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is being used widely in Ireland today. It’s most popular application is in carparks where it is used to record vehicles entering and exiting. ANPR has reduced the ‘lost ticket excuse’ when drivers are trying to avoid parking charges.

ANPR is increasingly being used at entrances to both business parks and premises as it adds an addition layer to security. TEC Security Services provide weatherproof licence plate recognition systems which can captures up to 8 lanes of traffic.

Our systems can lift barriers upon license detection, detect registered visitors, add digital watermarks and trigger email/sms alerts. It is also a good way to record and monitor all vehicles that come on site. Footage can be accessed anywhere through live web based setup and smartphone.

If you require more information on any of our products or services please do not hesitate to call us on 00353 1 404 5124 or email info@tecsecurity.ie.

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