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Intruder Alarms

When it comes to your home or business premises the same logic applies, install security measures to keep unwanted visitors out. An intruder alarm will act as a deterrent in the first place and can reduce the loss and damage of a break-in should it occur.

Not all intruder alarms are equal and your system should be designed for your requirements. At TEC Security we only use the highest quality equipment to prevent false or non-activation. Our designs are based on our experience and the latest technology to ensure a high level of cover.

Wired and Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

We install intruder alarms for residential and commercial units offering cost effective options but not reducing quality. Contact and inertia sensors are used on entry points such as doors and windows giving early warning before the intruder gains entry. Passive infrared beams (PIR) are placed internally to detect movement when the alarm is on. When the beam is broken the built in camera takes a short burst of photos which can be sent directly to the key holder. Allowing you to see if an intruder is on your premises.

In addition to protecting property we also consider the person and use panic attack buttons, fixed and portable, to give assurance. Perimeter control such as motion detectors, electric fencing or CCTV cameras are additional security methods that can alert you to intruders before they even get to the door. The system can be designed to be set while on the premises giving complete peace of mind. We offer 24-hour monitoring services and can provide you with technology to view certain elements of your alarm activity via smartphone.

It is important that your security system works for you that is why we visit your premises to discuss your needs. Our expert team will assess your risks and design a system that is bespoke. We can integrate a number of security solutions to add layers of security where needed. TEC Security help protect you and your property. Our team are experienced and only use fully compliant equipment and methods to ensure you get a quality security system.

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