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Monitoring for Intruder Alarm

An alarm that is not monitored is only a job half completed. Intruders will realise they can work away undisturbed and more loss and damage will occur. Starting at only €160 for home monitoring the service we offer is not only extremely competitive but is of the highest quality.

Our monitoring station is based in Ireland and is manned by trained security operators 24 hours a day every day of the year. We offer a variety of options from home monitoring, to commercial buildings that include CCTV monitoring systems also.

What happens when the alarm sounds?

Our team are constantly watching our alarm systems and when an alarm is activated they immediately check to see if is a genuine alarm. They will start by phoning the key holder to check, passwords will be checked and should it be genuine then they will alert the Gardaí or emergency services to attend. This immediate reaction can help prevent or minimise losses or damage. All this takes place in a matter of minutes giving the best possible chance of reducing the impact of an intrusion. All calls are recorded for insurance or Garda investigations in future.

Verification technology in place for all commercial properties to reduce the number of false alarm call outs. Our systems come complete with this, allowing the Gardaí to attend to the alarm as they will be more sure it is not a false alarm.

An alarm with no monitoring is just an annoying sound. The intruders need to know that somebody will be alerted and that is why monitoring is a good investment. Not only will it give you peace of mind but will also help lower your insurance costs.

Monitored 24 hours a day you can rest assured that you will get an immediate response call TEC Security today for a competitive quotation.

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