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Gate Intercom

Having a locked gate at the entrance to your property will often be the first line of defence in your security plan. However, the basic buzzer system has limitations in that you cannot see who it is trying to get access to your home or business premises. It can often be difficult to hear somebody and you won’t be able to know if there are multiple people in the party trying to gain access.

With the TEC Security gate intercom you will be able to see who is at your gate and the activity that may be going on around them and their vehicle. The visitor will initiate a call at the outer gate and the homeowner can see who is there and speak with them. The homeowner can then decide to allow them access or not.

The system can also be used by regular visitors using a pin number to gain access without disturbing whoever is inside.

This smart, simple access control system consists of a wall panel which is mounted at the entry point and an internal monitor. The internal monitor has a colour touchscreen and can be used via handset or hands free mode. There is a video voicemail option and it can be wall or desk mounted.

This entry system is a plug and play solution that comes with a range of panel options and is suitable for a wide variety of sites.

Having such a system will give you better control over visitors to your home or place of business. The main added benefit of this system is being able to see who is at your gate rather than relying on voice only.

Our experienced team can install this system for you. For a free no obligation quote or for more information please do not heistate to call us on 00353 1 404 5124 or email info@tecsecurity.ie.

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