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Covert CCTV Operations

While CCTV cameras that can easily be seen will act as a deterrent, in some circumstances a hidden camera is needed. Covert video is especially useful in the retail sector to prevent theft and to protect employees and customers. Covert surveillance cameras can also be used to assist with the detection and prosecution of vandalism, harassment or stalking.

TEC Security Services are the largest covert solutions provider in Ireland our services extend to most Local Authorities, Councils, Garda & Government Organisations. We have implemented and installed Covert CCTV systems which have helped catch and fine over 14,000 people for illegal dumping activities to which 1,980 people have been prosecuted through the Irish courts.

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National & International Recognition

Our covert CCTV solutions for illegal dumping have provided state of the art information to which we have been recognised through the public media both nationally and internationally. TEC Security Services also provide covert solutions to combat till fraud, we have many solutions that will help your business to maintain its proper profit margin levels.

If you require more information on any of our products or services please do not hesitate to call us on 00353 1 404 5124 or email info@tecsecurity.ie.

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