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Body Cameras

TEC Security body cameras are the perfect fit for security personnel in any situation.

With security staff well-equipped with body cameras, there are significantly fewer chances of them being attacked as all activities are being recorded. These cameras are extremely effective in the reduction of anti-social behaviour.

They are a great tool to monitor your team to ensure protocols are being followed. With a sturdy and robust design, the cameras are well equipped with modern-day functionalities.

Some of the benefits of these body cameras include:

  • Night Vision
    While some regular security cameras can fail to clearly identify the person on the footage, the body cameras will accurately identify people even in dark conditions.
  • Added Safety for Staff
    Security staff will feel more secure with a camera as it can record any suspicious activities. This is a great benefit when the security staff want to record anything if they feel threatened.
  • Lone Workers No Longer Alone
    For staff that perform their duties alone, these security body cameras are a helpful companion. It adds to their personal security, and the live streaming feature ensures that the security staff can instantly seek help if needed.
  • Anti-Crime
    Body cameras are an effective deterrent from crime, aggression, or any other unlawful acts. However, in case of any unfortunate event, the cameras can be used to provide footage for legal claims.

With our offering the camera footage goes directly to us, the security expert company, and can’t be accessed by the user. This will prevent tampering and keep you compliant with any GDPR issues. To find out more about the TEC Security Body Camera Offering please contact our expert security team on 00353 1 404 5124 or email info@tecsecurity.ie.

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